This Submission History – Contact Form 7 Addon is an extension of the Contact Form 7 plugin, which can be used to store, view, edit, delete, search, and export form submission data from CF7.

With a large number of fields, the interface will look messy. In order to solve this problem, we have carefully designed the interface. No matter how many fields you have, the interface of our plugin will still look neat and smart.

In the pro edition, chart analysis of submitted data can help you visually view the form data.

Download lite edition in wordpress


  • Option to search / filter forms by keyword or date range
  • User-friendly & responsive interface
  • Select which form from drop-down
  • Analyze the submitted data (Pro)


  • Securely stores form data into database
  • View list of all data submitted by Contact Form 7
  • Responsive interface, whether you view data on your PC, tablet or mobile phone, it can perfectly display.
  • Search / filter form details using keyword
  • Search / filter enquiries using custom date-range filter
  • Export data in CSV format by applying filters
  • Quick editing of submitted data
  • Allows you to delete data in bulk. Provide one-click “Select All” and one-click “Unselect All” control.
  • Easy to operate paging control, default to display 10 records per page.


  • The analysis data is displayed in chart and table.
  • Search the daily submission count of a form based on the date range.
  • Search the daily view count of a form based on the date range.
  • Search the daily conversion rate of a form based on the date range. This chart counts the percentage of submitted and visited data, which truly reflects the visitors’ interest in your form.

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