Who are we?

Hello everyone, my name is Alex, I’m a programmer with 13 years of development experience and the founder of One Key Done. In the past, I mainly used C#, SQL and front-end technology to develop some programs and websites on. Net platform, and used Golang and JAVA to develop some back-end APIs and services. I have a strong interest in web development, and have many years of experience in product design, maintenance and support. Although we are a small team from China, we are determined to develop products that can really help others. This is also my greatest pleasure and lifelong pursuit.

With the rapid development of WordPress, users’ demand for high-quality plug-ins is also increasing. I hope to give full play to my talents and do my best to do something practical and meaningful, so I have been devoting myself to research various technologies and products related to WordPress.

Why One Key Done?

I personally don’t like things that are too complicated, so a lot of work I have done in the past is to try to make complex problems easier. If a requirement can be perfectly solved by clicking one button, I will never let it be completed in more than 2 steps. We strive to make products that users will use without reading documents, all of which are to reduce the learning cost of users. So we called it One Key Done. This is not only urging us to make our products as simple & easy as possible, but also telling our customers our product standards.

About our first plug-in “Submission History – Contact Form 7 Addon”

This plug-in is an extension designed based on Contact Form 7, it is mainly used to collect and analyze the data submitted by users through Contact Form 7.(Without this plug-in, the form data submitted by users will only be sent to the administrator’s email and cannot be easily viewed and searched).

Although it is simple, it has no useless functions. Functions like search, view, edit, delete,  are all available. In addition to these basic functions, we found that many plug-ins on the market do not support mobile viewing, so we carefully designed the style to make it support responsive.

Then we tried to add a lot of fields, at least more than 15 fields in the form, and then submitted some data. It was found that some plug-ins on the market are in the form of tables. When there are many fields, the contents will be crowded together, so it is very difficult to view them.

In order to solve this issue, we decided to display the data vertically. In order to save the display space of the interface, we have made it possible to display two pieces of data in each row.

For paging controls, they are usually displayed at the top or bottom. There’s no way to go to the next page when you’re in the middle of the data, so we designed the paging control into floating mode and you can turn pages anytime & anywhere.

For the analysis function added in our pro version, it records the necessary statistics of each form, so that you don’t have to record one by one in the submission history. This is a practical function. If you support our plug-in, you can buy the pro version.

Later, we may dig more valuable features to add to this plug-in. For users who have purchased Pro version, we will provide free upgrade and support for 6 months. If you have any suggestion for this plug-in, you can tell us in any form (our email is onekeydone@hotmail.com , you can also go to our website http://onekeydone.com/contact-us/ and submit a form.)  We will analyze and consider to add in our next version. We express our sincere thanks for this.


Thank you for reading this post and showing interest in us. At present, we are just starting, we hope to make more products that will help you in the future. Please look forward to it. If you want to get our latest message, you can click on the link below to enter your email subscription to our message. We don’t spam, we will just push some information when the product is updated.


Wish you all the best and good health!


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